Necessity is the father of reinvention

The story of how Switch Hitch came to be:

The Switch Hitch was invented by Terry Brinkley, a hardworking contractor and owner of a pool construction business. Terry like other contractors, was using a current generation hitch on his fleet of work vehicles for pulling trailers with different coupler requirements. This meant changing hitch balls on the trucks every time a different piece of equipment was needed on a job site. Anyone that has ever experienced this knows how frustrating it becomes especially when you can’t remove the hitch due to rust and corrosion. To add to the frustration, the hitch pins were often misplaced or lost. Terry grew tired of this inconvenience and hardship. Out of sheer necessity, Terry went to his workshop and designed a fix. As a result, a revolutionary hitch was born- the Switch Hitch.

The Switch Hitch eliminates the problems associated with the current generation of three ball hitches, making it effortless to change hitch balls and tough enough for hard work and extreme play! One quick switch. One tough hitch.

Watch our video: “Done in 3 seconds”